You Guys Are Amazing!

Here at, we pride ourselves in offering professional DJ services.  We always love it when we receive positive testimonials from an event that we do.  Most of the compliments come from the event organizers but sometimes we receive a compliment that makes us smile that much more.

Recently, we had the opportunity to DJ a wedding at Strawberry Hill Resort.  There was a nice crowd of guests at the wedding and we were a little uncertain as to the genre of music to play.  Normally we discuss things with the wedding couple and get a feel for the age group and type of music they enjoy listening to.  We never had the opportunity this time and were flying a little in the dark.

After the formal wedding songs, we selected some proven songs to get people on the floor, starting with Abba’s “Does Your Momma Know”.  Instant success.  The dance floor was packed and it set the stage for the remainder of the evening.  Song after song after song the floor was jammed.  Even the requests that people made packed the floor.

What made the evening that much more special happened at the end of the night when a gentleman approached us and said “You guys are amazing!  I’ve been to a lot of events and you are the best DJs that I have heard.”  Other guests chimed in with similar comments.

We played from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am – the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and partied the entire night.  Seeing them leave the event sweaty and tired meant we delivered a great time.

Thank you for the great comments!