Wedding DJs with a Difference

Corner Brook, Newfoundland has many wedding DJs serving the local area competing for the same gigs throughout the year.

Does that mean all wedding DJs are created the same or is there a difference?

Weddings are a special time for couples.  There’s many details to keep in mind and it can get overwhelming.  When it comes to entertainment many couples often struggle with how to entertain their guests especially when there’s a drastic difference in the ages of those who will be in attendance.

How do you entertain a 90 year old grandmother and please the 20 somethings?

This is where your wedding DJ’s experience comes to play.  Having a broad understanding of the different genres of music, knowing what the different age groups like and having the knowhow to mix and match the songs to keep the people on the floor is as important as having all the decorations in place. are experienced wedding DJs in the Corner Brook, Newfoundland and surrounding areas.  They are wedding DJs that take the time to meet with couples when requested, have a diverse background in both old and new music, and have a proven track record at catering to the crowd.  However, having the right wedding DJ goes a little beyond that.

How do you deal with the one or two guests that want something off the beaten path or with those times when no one seems to want to dance?

While it is impossible to cater to every music taste or to please everyone in attendance, it is important to strike a balance.  Having the right mixture of old and new music that crosses genres is important.  As is having a few fan favourites that are likely to please the masses at any wedding.

Keep in mind, having a DJ that will take request can make or break a party!  Take time to get to know your DJs, ask them questions, ensure they take suggestions and get to know the type of crowd you have invited.

When it comes to in the Corner Brook and surrounding area, they are the wedding DJs that go that extra mile.