Summer Weddings 2018 (So Far)

Wedding Season is in high gear and here at we have been busy providing Western Newfoundland with some of the best nights of wedding entertainment around.  Whether it was at Humber Valley Resort, Jennifer’s on Broadway or Cormack Recreation Centre, we have played into the wee hours of the morning at some of the best wedding parties this season. [Read more…]

Availability for 2017 Weddings

Here at, Corner Brook’s premier wedding & mobile DJ, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries about 2017 wedding dates for Western Newfoundland.  Yes, we have a few dates available for early spring weddings and a few dates for late fall weddings.

If you are seeking a wedding DJ for July, August and September 2017, we have most of our dates already booked.  However, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  We have cancellations all the time and we do know every other DJ here in the Corner Brook area.

Drop us a note if you are looking for your Newfoundland Wedding DJ.

You Guys Are Amazing!

Here at, we pride ourselves in offering professional DJ services.  We always love it when we receive positive testimonials from an event that we do.  Most of the compliments come from the event organizers but sometimes we receive a compliment that makes us smile that much more.

Recently, we had the opportunity to DJ a wedding at Strawberry Hill Resort.  There was a nice crowd of guests at the wedding and we were a little uncertain as to the genre of music to play.  Normally we discuss things with the wedding couple and get a feel for the age group and type of music they enjoy listening to.  We never had the opportunity this time and were flying a little in the dark.

After the formal wedding songs, we selected some proven songs to get people on the floor, starting with Abba’s “Does Your Momma Know”.  Instant success.  The dance floor was packed and it set the stage for the remainder of the evening.  Song after song after song the floor was jammed.  Even the requests that people made packed the floor.

What made the evening that much more special happened at the end of the night when a gentleman approached us and said “You guys are amazing!  I’ve been to a lot of events and you are the best DJs that I have heard.”  Other guests chimed in with similar comments.

We played from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am – the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and partied the entire night.  Seeing them leave the event sweaty and tired meant we delivered a great time.

Thank you for the great comments!

Newfoundland Wedding DJ Bookings – 2015/2016

Here at, we have been receiving many inquiries for weddings in 2015 & 2016 here in the Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador area.  Yes, we are booking 2015 & 2016 wedding dates with most of 2015 filled and many of the 2016 dates already filled.  In fact, many of the 2015 dates were filled prior to the start of the 2014 wedding season.

As being one of the premier mobile DJ services in western Newfoundland, our dates are quickly booked for wedding, Christmas and other popular events such as Halloween.

One of the things that you should keep in mind when seeking out a DJ for your party or for your wedding is availability.  There are limited event venues and its even more limited for DJs in the Corner Brook area.  Unless you book early for your entertainment needs, you will often struggle to find a DJ.  If you are looking at booking a DJ for your wedding in 2015 / 2016, book your DJ as early as you can.

Here at, we will confirm your date and we do not require a deposit.  This means that should your plans change even a year or so down the road, you are not losing any investment by confirming your entertainment early.

Corner Brook Wedding Venues

One of the most common questions we get asked here at has to do with Corner Brook Wedding Venues.  It may seem like a strange question to ask professional wedding DJs but the truth is we are probably one of the better choices because we’ve played pretty much every wedding venue in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Before selecting your wedding venue in the Corner Brook or surrounding area, there are several things that you should keep in mind while planning your wedding.

  • How late do you want to party?
  • Is the cost of alcohol a concern?
  • How many guests are you looking at inviting to your wedding?
  • Is the wedding venue DJ friendly?
  • Does the wedding venue have air conditioning?
  • What is the quality of meals being offered?

When it comes to most wedding venues, you will find most will allow you to party until closing time as dictated by their liquor license.  For most wedding venues this is 3:00 a.m. and these locations will have last call at 2:30 a.m.  Liquor pricing is pretty standard at most of the Corner Brook wedding venues but you will find that many locations will ask for a minimum bar sales meaning that the bride and groom are on the hook for the difference between what is sold at the bar and the minimum guaranteed.

With respect to the size of the wedding venue in Corner Brook or surrounding area there are some locations that can only accommodate a small number of people while others can handle a few hundred people quite easily.

There are also considerations around the wedding venue that are of utmost importance to wedding DJs.  Some venues are not DJ friendly after a certain hour because of their location.  They require the DJs to lower the volume to a level that severely impacts the sound quality and the music that can be played.

The wedding venues in the Corner Brook and surrounding area that normally play at include:

  1. Humber Valley Resort
  2. Strawberry Hill Resort
  3. Marble Mountain Ski Lodge
  4. Jennifer’s
  5. Glynnmill Inn Hotel
  6. Greenwood Inn Hotel
  7. The Corner Brook Legion
  8. Pepsi Centre
  9. Bennett Hall
  10. Westmount Club
  11. The Elks Club
  12. The Press Club

There are other wedding venues in located in Deer Lake and other communities that we have played including:

  1. The Merchant Warehouse – Woody Point
  2. The Woody Point Legion – Woody Point
  3. The Rusty Jigger Lounge – Trout River
  4. Kill Devil Lodge – Gros Morne Park
  5. Holiday Inn Express – Deer Lake
  6. The Deer Lake Legion – Deer Lake
  7. Cormack Recreation Centre – Cormack

As professional wedding DJs we have also traveled outside the Corner Brook area to other locations in Newfoundland, playing at a variety of community based wedding venues in many of the smaller rural towns in Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you have any questions regarding our experiences in any of the Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador wedding venues mentioned above, drop us a note using our contact form.