Corner Brook New Years DJ

With New Years Eve just around the corner, here at we are still receiving requests asking if we can DJ a party in the Corner Brook area.  Unfortunately, if you’re waiting this late to book a DJ for your New Years party, you’re probably out of luck.

Most of the mobile DJs in the Corner Brook area are already booked for New Years 2012.  In fact, many have standing gigs that bring them back year after year.

One of the most popular questions we receive when people contact us about New Years is the cost.  Any DJ will charge a premium for this event, it is the highlight of the year and generally will mean being away from friends and family.  Look to spend between $750 – $1500 for a DJ on New Years, with many factors impacting the cost.

Here at, we charge those at our current venue $650 to play for this party.  It is close to our homebase and means we can still spend the evening with friends and families.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you have a very safe holiday season!

Barry & Lisa