Pricing has a set of rates for the various events that we play.  To better serve you, feel free to use our Contact page to request a quote.  Some of the things to include in your request should be as follows:

  • Type of event such as wedding, anniversary party, birthday party etc.
  • Do you need cocktail hour & dinner music?
  • Do you require our presence for your ceremony if it’s a wedding?
  • Location of event
  • Will you be having a slide show?

Cost of travel to venues outside of our playing area may raise the cost slightly.  We do not charge for travel within the Corner Brook & surrounding area.  Out of town locations may require accommodations and meals as well.

Included in all price quotes will be:

  • Presence of at least 1 professional DJ
  • Use of professional audio equipment
  • Use of professional light system
  • 5 hours of continuous music
  • Access to thousands of songs as part of song library for custom playlists

For shorter events (1-2 hours), we can negotiate rates.