Music for You or Your Guests?

Here at, Corner Brook’s premier DJ service for weddings, we always ask the bride & groom about the type of music they want to hear at their wedding.  Many will leave it up to us to decide but we do get the occasional wedding where the bride & groom are insistent that we play only their music and we are given a very strict playlist to select from.

This is not a problem. are more than willing to play from a custom playlist.  We are hired by the bride & the groom, it is their day, their event & their party.  We provide exactly what they want on their wedding day.

Providing a custom playlist does however, pose some interesting scenarios for those at the wedding looking to party.  There is often a variety of age groups as guests at a wedding.  This typically means a more diverse and eclectic selection of music would be played to provide a little something for everyone at the wedding.

Ask yourself, are you providing music for yourselves as Bride & Groom or do you want your wedding guests to have a great time?  Yes, you know your friends and family better than the wedding DJ but do you know the type of music that everyone wants to dance to?  That is where your wedding DJ will show their experience and professionalism.  They will select music that your guests will enjoy and that will bridge the variety of age differences in your group.

To provide an example, there was one wedding that were hired to provide entertainment.  There were approximately 250 guests at this wedding with the majority of the guests between 55-60 years old.  The bride & groom insisted on a very strict playlist that contained all Hip Hop and Techno dance music and instructed to not take requests.  Within 30 minutes of the party starting, guests were asking for some old rock-n-roll music and some Newfoundland Music and our DJ politely indicated we had a playlist we were asked to adhere to.  Within 45 minutes of the party starting, the dance floor was empty and approximately 40 percent of the guests had left. approached the bride & groom asking if we could play something different than was on their playlist, something more suitable for the guests.  They agreed and within 3 songs, the dance floor was blocked and the party shutdown in the wee hours of the morning.

Remember that it is your wedding.  It is your party.  If you are certain that your music selection will work for your guests, feel free to provide a strict playlist.  However, here at we encourage you to provide a list of some of your favourites but give your professional wedding DJs the opportunity to experiment (and take requests).