As a professional DJ service in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, will the same music appeal to a different group of people in St. Anthony?

That’s the challenge when providing DJ services … knowing what music works in different venues and what appeals to different age groups.

As a professional DJ service in western Newfoundland, have one of the largest music collections available for your entertainment.  Whether it’s old time country music, rock-n-roll, dance or Newfoundland favourites, we have the selection to get your guests on the floor.

Our music library currently consists of over 500,000 songs and ranges from 1940s swing to the latest chart topping hits on the Top 40.  Not only do we pay attention to the North American music charts, we follow the European and Scandinavian charts as well.  These two emerging markets generally play some of the top music months before they make it to the North American airways.

At each song is acquired from an online music service, ensuring it is of the highest quality before entering our playlists.  Each song is “normalized” to ensure consistency in volume and quality ensuring the clearest and most enjoyable listening throughout the evening.

With over 10 years of experience djing in the Corner Brook, Newfoundland and surround areas, certain music is request time and time again.  This allows us to have a pretty good idea of what type of music will work regardless of the venue, age group or event.

Keep in mind when selecting music for your event, what you like may not appeal to your guests.  This is where your DJ can help select the type of music most suited for your event.

If you are in the Corner Brook, Newfoundland area and would like to consult with as your professional DJs, drop us a note using our contact form above.