Is Your Wedding Reception for You or Your Guests?

As a professional DJ service in the Corner Brook area, we are often the last detail a couple to be thinks about when it comes to arranging their wedding.  Here at, we understand there are lots of details such as venue, meal and decorations on your mind and you know the type of music you would like to hear at your wedding reception.  Your DJ Service isn’t going to be a problem because you can provide a list of your favorite songs to be played.

However, is your wedding reception for you or your guests?  Do you want your guests to celebrate your wedding, to enjoy themselves and have a great time?

When asked, most couples indicate they want their guests to have the best time they ever had.  They want the dance floor packed, they want people to remember the night as if there were no other.

If this is the case, then couples have to remember, the music they like to hear, is not necessarily the music their guests want to hear.  Part of the service that we offer at is helping you plan your wedding entertainment and we will sit with you, talk about the age of your guests and get a feel for your preference in music.  We will then customize a playlist that will not only keep the dance floor hopping but also appeal to what is likely to be a very broad audience on your special night.

Remember, your DJs are professionals, they know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the music that is getting people on the floor.  However,   make sure your DJ also takes requests, just in case someone has that special song they want to hear!