How Reliable is Your DJ?

Over the past few weeks, have received numerous calls asking if we had availability for dates that were anywhere from a few days to a few weeks away.  As professional DJs in Corner Brook and the Western Newfoundland and Labrador area, it is alarming to discover that the reason people are calling is because other DJs that were booked aren’t returning calls, answering emails or have decided to book elsewhere for more money.  What was even more shocking is 90% of those people calling looking for “emergency DJ services” had paid their other DJs a down payment.

It leaves us wondering how reliable is your DJ?

With several of the people calling just days before their events, did what any professional DJ company would do.  We phoned our trusted colleagues in the business, called in favours and did everything we could to accommodate those people in desperate need of a DJ for the weddings, parties and anniversaries.  It was what any professional would do.

Unfortunately, we could fill all but 3 of the 11 calls that we had received, but in going the extra mile, we did play a role in ensuring that at least eight parties had a DJ that was worth of calling themselves a professional.

Have you experienced any difficulties with the DJ that you have booked?  Drop us a note and let us know.