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Making the decision for which DJ service you want for your event is a big one and most people generally have a pile of questions.  Here at, we’ve assembled some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you make your decision easier.

What areas of Newfoundland do you provide DJ services for?

Our home base is Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  We do play the surrounding areas of Pasadena, Stephenville, Deer Lake and the Bay of Islands.  We will however travel to other parts of the province for your event if travel costs are covered.

Do you charge for travel to and from the venue?

Within the city of Corner Brook there are no charges for travel but we are a business and are also impacted by the rising costs of gasoline.  For areas outside of Corner Brook there may be a nominal fee to cover the cost of gasoline.  This will be discussed prior to booking your event.  For areas requiring extensive travel and an overnight stay, clients will be responsible for paying travel costs.

Do you require a deposit and is there a cancellation fee?

No, a deposit is not required to book your event.  Once you have booked your event, you will receive a confirmation email (or phone call) confirming the date, the venue and the agreed price.  Should you have to cancel your event, we ask for at least as much notice as possible.  Events cancelled within two (2) weeks of the booking date are required to pay a 50% cancellation fee.  This may be waived depending the circumstances leading to the cancellation.

What method of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and most major credit cards through PayPal.  If you are paying via credit card, we will forward an invoice to you via PayPal to an email address you provide.

How much do you charge for each event?

The amount you will be charged will depend on the type of event, the additional services you select and whether or not there will be travel costs incurred.  There will be no hidden charges and you will be informed in a confirmation email (or phone call) of the exact amount you are required to pay.

Do you accept requests?

Yes, we accept requests but we will not play any music deemed inappropriate for the age group or for your guests.

What music will be played at my event?

We cater our music selection based entirely upon you and are available at anytime to discuss the selection.  We have a wide range of music covering all genres (country, pop, Newfoundland, Dance, Rock, etc) and from all eras (currently 1940 – now).  If necessary, we will adjust the music selection to your guests as the night progresses.

Will you play a list of music we supply?

Most definitely!  We are hired by you for your event.  We will play the type of music you want to hear.  However, you should remember your taste in music may not be the same as your invited guests.  We can arrange a meeting to discuss your music needs and your own list of music you want played.

When will you setup for the event?

Where possible, we like to setup the night before the event.  This allows for a full system check, sound check and adjustments to our music gear to match your venue.  If this isn’t possible, we will need at least 2 hours before the start of the event.

What equipment is required from the venue?

All we ask for from the venue is a table (6′-8′ in length), preferably with a table cloth and table skirt matching the decorations being used.  We also need access to at least two (2) AC outlets to provide power for our sound system.

What type of equipment do you use for your sound system? uses professional audio gear for its sound systems and professional light systems.  Unlike other DJs that use home stereo systems, our music equipment is designed for professional musicians and larger venues, with enough power to keep the room thumping throughout your event.  All our music is stored digitally on computer systems, giving us fast access to any selection.

Do you have backup systems in place?

Yes.  All music is stored electronically on computer systems and we take carry backup laptop systems just in case something goes wrong.  We also own a second sound system and lights just in case.  While we don’t anticipate anything going wrong, we are prepared just in case.

Do you have microphones that can be used if required?

Yes.  We have several microphones that can be used for your wedding reception, master of ceremonies or announcer.  These are wired into our sound system and can reach approximately 50 feet from our system.  Sorry, we do not have wireless microphones.

Do you use strobe lights or fog machines?

As a rule of thumb no.  Strobe lights can act as trigger events for certain medical conditions and the chemicals used in fog machines can cause asthma attacks.  Unless you have a special requirement for these items, we will not use them.

How do you dress at different events?

The event will dictate the dress we wear.  For most events, we wear business casual but if your event is a formal affair, we come decked in appropriate attire.  This can be discussed at the time of your booking.