Corner Brook Venues Can Challenge Wedding DJs

Throughout Corner Brook,Newfoundland, there are very few locations and venues that we haven’t performed as a professional DJ service.  The various venues used for wedding receptions in the Corner Brook Area pose some interesting challenges for wedding DJs.

Some of the more popular reception locations include the Glynmill Inn, Greenwood Inn and Suites, Corner Brook Legion and the Pepsi Centre.  Each location has its own unique challenges that could impact your wedding DJ and your reception.

For locations such as The Glynmill Inn and the Greenwood Inn, your wedding DJ must remember the venue is a hotel.  There will likely be people outside the wedding party and those invited to the wedding staying at these locations.

It is important for your wedding DJ to dial back the bass and keep the volume at a moderate level.  Thumping bass tends to cause the most problems at these wedding venues and unless your DJ pays particular attention to this detail, guests at the hotel will complain and management at the locations are obligated to deal with the complaint.

It creates tension for the bride and groom and leaves the wedding DJ with a much more difficult time entertaining the wedding guests. has also noticed there are also times when bartenders at these locations have the wedding DJ to announce last call well before what some expect.

As noted, these locations are hotels and have many other guests they cater to, not just those attending the wedding reception.  Your wedding DJ will undoubtedly be asked to make last call earlier than if your wedding was held at another location.  It is often, not their choice.

Wedding venues such as the Corner Brook Legion and the Pepsi Centre can cause your wedding DJ nightmares.

These venues are much larger venues than most DJs in the Corner Brook Area typically perform in.  As such, some DJ systems are underpowered and cannot provide quality sound or lighting to create a party atmosphere.

When choosing your wedding DJ in theCorner Brookarea, ensure you ask questions about their experiences and rapport with the different venues in the city.  Professional DJs will have built a reputation with each location, understand the logistics around playing in these venues and know the ground rules before the entertainment starts.

Take the time to discuss whichCorner Brookwedding venue you are considering with your wedding DJ.  Keeping them in the loop will help make your special night that much more enjoyable.