Available Music Selection

One of the more common question we receive here at TheDJs.ca is about our music selection.  Being one of the top DJ Services in the Corner Brook, Newfoundland area, TheDJs.ca has an extensive music library available.

Our music selection covers pretty much all genres of music.  We are able to play a variety of classic and modern country music, rock and roll, dance and the most recent top 40.  We also have a wide range of Newfoundland music including popular songs by Great Big Sea, The Fables, Irish Descendants, The Once and many more.

While other DJs may have a preset playlist for their music we try to provide as much flexibility as possible.  We take requests and cater the music that we play to that of your guests.  We can customize our playlist to meet your every need.  However, we do caution you that your personal preference in music may not be what your guests will dance too.  Remember your tastes are probably different than that of your guests.

Want to know more about the music that we offer?  Just drop us a note on our contact form.